Golden International Holdings Pte Ltd

Golden International Holdings was established in 1976, and with continued development, its subsidiaries now include: Golden Travel Services Pte. Ltd., SC Cultural & Educational Network, Golden Education Pte. Ltd., and Golden Lodge for Students among others. It is a conglomerate that unites travel, education consultancy, cultural exchange and heritage, trade investment, business training and others into one body.  


Where educational exchange is concerned, the Group was the first company to conduct student immersion programmes. As early as 1990, it had already started sending students from Singapore to China for learning and interaction, and was one of the first travel agencies to be licensed to conduct student immersion programmes by the Singapore Ministry of Education. In 2004, the Group started to arrange study programmes where Chinese students came to Singapore. To date, there are 20,000 participants every year just in the student cultural exchange programmes alone in both directions.  


For the cultural heritage aspect, one of the four biggest events in Singapore during the Chinese New Year season, the Spring in the City culture, art and travel fair, was first held by the Group in 1994. Following 28 years of growth, the event has now become a platform for cultural, art and travel exchange between Singapore and China. In July 2011, the Group launched another art exhibition entitled “Singapore-Chinese Culture Calligraphy Exhibition”, building yet another platform for the further deepening of culture exchange. Works from Chinese and Singaporean students as well as from famous calligraphers and painters from both countries will be auctioned, and the proceeds will be donated to the President’s Challenge.

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